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There are 6 different departments in our school, in which apprentices are trained in a number of professions.

Every year we have about 140 joinery-students , 7 technical teachers are working in this department.

In classes great importance is attached on practice orientation, precision , safety, and  using modern machinery and technologies. The technical equipment in the woodworking-department is on a very high level, including CNC work.  Technical education covers all kind of joinery work like furniture production, doors , windows and flooring, including wood protection and surface treatment.

Since 2004 it also is possible to have a 4-years apprenticeship, specialised in design and planning. The department has very tight connections to the companies.

3 technical teachers are responsible for job-related education in this department, during the year there are about 80 students.

According to the demands of the companies the technical focus is construction of roof-structures and all necessary works and knowledge. Among traditional working and safety also modern technologies are a priority in classes.

The department of our tilers and stove-fitters  is the youngest – and smallest – in our school. 3 technical teachers are teaching about 50 students.

Students need very extensive knowledge of different materials in their occupation and combination of different factors , they have to know advantages and disadvantages of different fuels in combination with environment and are trained to safe and precise work on building sites.

For 55 years this department is located in our school. At the moment 4 technicians are teaching the technical subjects for 150 students.

Also this department has developed in the last years, today also concrete- builders and  street-maintain-workers are teached here, as well as civil and underground engineering.

For practical lessons a complete new building with modern equipment is available, including different testing possibilities.

Also this department exists at school since 1950, in original as locksmith classes. Nowadays  it covers several different kinds of modern jobs on the metalworking sector.
5 technical teachers are responsible for the job-related lessons with 300 students.
In the theory-lessons as well as in the practical classes among traditional techniques the focus is laid on modern technologies and automatic systems. Without Computer aided and CNC-operated work meanwhile production and education on this sector  is not possible.

This department is the largest in our school and also located here since 1950. At the moment there are about 340 students and seven technical teachers are responsible for their technical education in classes.

The apprenticeship for those students lasts for 3,5 years , so during this period the students have to attend our school   for 4 times.

In addition to the "normal" subjects they have lessons in "Computer-technical-laboratory" and "Car-technology". According to the rapid development in car-production, among traditional car- mechanic work the special focus is laid on up-date technologies, computer aided  work and flexibility. Up-date equipment is available in classes and workshops.